CBA Unite Tradeshow

A selection of books published by St. Polycarp Publishing House will be on display at the CBA Unite trade show this year as part of the Christian Small Publishers Association’s (CSPA) booth.  CBA Unite, the world’s largest Christian retail show, draws over 2,000 retail book buyers, distributors, and members of the press.  The show takes place from June 27th through 30th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The following books from St. Polycarp Publishing House will be on display:

Pascha: Easter or Passover or Both? – A Defense of Traditional Easter, by Dr. David W. T. Brattston

The Christian Story: As Seen Through the Old Testament, by Rev. Aaron Simms

On This Rock: What People Really Believed About Jesus Christ in the Early Church, and Why it Matters, by Rev. Aaron Simms

The Mountains of Ararat: A Novel, by Rev. Aaron Simms