Kids Chapter Book Revealing the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

St. Polycarp Publishing House is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Core Mystery: An Upper Elementary Chapter Book on the Mysteries of the Faith by Sandee Freese and illustrated by Leslie Plum.

The book will be released on September 28th and will be available in hardcover (ISBN: 978-0-9990723-4-9), paperback (ISBN: 978-0-9990723-5-6), and e-book (ISBN: 978-1-947707-06-1) versions.  All editions feature full color interiors with age-appropriate text and professional illustrations which appeal to kids from 3rd through 6th grades. Also available are supplementary teaching materials to enable the book to be used as a fun curriculum for Sunday school classes.

Author Sandee Freese, commenting on the book, states: “The Core Mystery is a stand-alone book of fantasy, fun, and facts that was written for students to enjoy and learn. May this book produce a childlike awe for the mysteries of God as He has revealed them in Scripture.”

To this end, in the book the first ‘Orchard’ in the Garden of Eden is personified, and he tells about the puzzling events that happened with Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus.  These events formed a mystery that couldn’t be solved until after the Resurrection of Jesus.  ‘Orchard’ then tells about the wonderful fruit tree in heaven and Jesus’ plan for those who love Him.  ‘Orchard’ also relates his life’s purpose and how he hopes that the mystery he tells will cause the children to know not only the “core” of the Gospel, but also the purpose for their lives. He is joined with his two bee friends, Bigsbee and Mason. Additional information about the book is available at:

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