New Book Examines Early Christian Peace Principles

St. Polycarp Publishing House is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Christian Peace Principles: War, Capital Punishment, Property Disputes between Christians, Abortion, Euthanasia, Violence in Sports, and Turning the Other Cheek Before the Middle of the Third Century AD by Dr. David W. T. Brattston.

Christian Peace Principles will be released on October 20th and will be available in paperback (ISBN: 978-1947707108) and e-book (ISBN: 978-1947707146) editions.

This book answers a number of questions related to the moral beliefs of early Christians. What were the “peace principles” of the early Christian Church? What did believers view as the proper response to unprovoked personal attacks and disputes among themselves? How did Christians view violence in sports, capital punishment, war, abortion, and euthanasia?

Dr. Brattston examines these topics using New Testament and other Christian sources dating from before the middle of the third century. In so doing, he provides modern Christians with important clarity on early Christian thought.

The book is available at the following locations:


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About the Author

Dr. David W. T. Brattston resides in Lunenburg, Canada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He holds degrees from three universities, and his articles on early and contemporary Christianity have been published by a wide variety of denominations in every major English-speaking country. He is also the author of the four-volume Traditional Christian Ethics as well as Pascha: Easter or Passover or Both? A Defense of Traditional Easter (available from St. Polycarp Publishing House).