A Christian publishing company for the universal Church.

St. Polycarp Publishing House is not your typical company.  Mixing modern and ancient, it was founded with the mission of providing quality works related to Christian theology, apologetics, and history.  A small, but growing publisher with talented authors bringing books to market which are overlooked by traditional publishing houses.   St. Polycarp Publishing House is not afraid to take risks on new authors in order to benefit the universal Church.

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Why Order Direct from Us?

We'll make sure that your book arrives in excellent condition.  Before shipping, we wrap your book in protective paper, then place it in either a padded envelope or padded box.  When your book arrives, it'll be as it looked when it was printed.  In addition, we include a complimentary bookmark and thank you card!  If you're ever not satisfied, simply contact us for a refund and return shipping.

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