• The Nine Veils: The Reputation of God & Our Struggle for Identity (Paperback)

The Nine Veils: The Reputation of God & Our Struggle for Identity (Paperback)

The Nine Veils: The Reputation of God & Our Struggle for Identity

By Nicholas Matthews, with a foreword by Billy Hallowell

Paperback: 232 pages

About the Book

Nicholas Matthews is a British Christian missionary in Australia.  In “The Nine Veils,” he examines questions and misconceptions concerning God, our relationship with Him, and our own identities.  Join him in this journey of discovery.  Includes a “Bite-Sized Bible Study Guide” to learn more.

From the Author

My God is kind, compassionate, merciful, and he loves me. Yet, there are questions that arise; there are accounts of God that seem contradictory to my simplicity, and there are accusations against God that can leave me struggling for an explanation. At times I’ve been confused by the concept of God’s love and the reality of life, and there often existed a dichotomy between the two. 

I wrote this book after numerous conversations with friends who, regardless of their spiritual journey have experienced similar thoughts, or have simply ignored some of the hard questions of life and faith. 

Common societal thinking in many areas is moving towards a position where people regard God as an outdated fairy-tale with a sinister undertone leading to apathy or resentment towards God. This is far removed from my notion of a living and a loving God who is kind, compassionate and merciful. 

Embarking on my personal journey of discovering God’s reputation, I have a hunch that I’m not alone. I need to explore God and find comfort with the answer. 

Would you join me on this journey of discovery? Maybe all the dots haven’t been joined, and some of the joined dots remain open to interpretation, yet the line I’ve used to join the dots is what I know of the underlying nature and character of God. 

About the Author 

Originally from the UK, Nicholas Matthews has lived, worked in and travelled throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. In recent years Nicholas has been leading schools where students are encouraged to discover and practice their faith in the classroom and on mission. 

With 20 years of full-time volunteer work he’s seen first-hand many of the challenges of this world and his faith persuades him there is an answer. 

Nicholas now resides in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Sarah, and two sons. He works full-time for YWAM. 

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