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Tertullian’s Defense of the Christian Faith (Paperback)

Tertullian’s Defense of the Christian Faith

Edited with Notes and Commentary by Rev. Aaron Simms

Part of the St. Polycarp Church Fathers Series
New Edition!


Paperback Edition (cloth-bound with dust cover), 172 Pages


About the Book

Tertullian was a Christian writer who lived in the Roman province of Africa at the end of the second century and beginning of the third century AD.  He wrote his Apology or “Defense of the Christian Faith” during the joint rule of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus with his imperial peer Caracalla (around 200 AD).  Tertullian’s work presents a classic defense of Christians and their faith in the face of Roman persecution.  

This edition in the St. Polycarp Church Fathers Series presents Tertullian's Apology with notes and commentary by Rev. Aaron Simms. 


About the Editor

Rev. Aaron Simms is a writer specializing in Christian theology, history and classical studies.  He is also a pastor in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, a member of the American Academy of Religion, and the founder of St. Polycarp Publishing House.  His academic studies include international relations, economics, psychology, classical history, and theology at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia), Troy University (Troy, Alabama), and Concordia Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri).  His blog is at

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