Spalding Enigma

The Spalding Enigma: Investigating the Mysterious Origin of the Book of Mormon

By: Wayne L. Cowdrey, Arthur Vanick, Howard A. Davis

With a Foreword by: Dr. Gene Edward Veith


Where did The Book of Mormon come from?  Who was Solomon Spalding and what connection did his manuscript have with Joseph Smith?  To answer these questions, this book critically examines key historical documents, personal testimonies, and records of 19th-century Mormon history to examine this “Spalding Enigma.”  

The authors have spent decades collecting and analyzing evidence to conclude that The Book of Mormon is an “adaptation of an obscure historical novel” written by Revolutionary War veteran Solomon Spalding during the War of 1812.  They assert that Mormon founders Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, and Joseph Smith Jr. adapted and embellished the Spalding manuscript to create The Book of Mormon. 

Follow along with Wayne Cowdrey (a descendant of Oliver Cowdrey’s family), Arthur Vanick, and Howard Davis as they pursue this enigma and present the evidence for you to draw your own conclusion.

Two Editions Available:

  1. The Readers’ Edition presents the authors’ research and findings in a concise manner.  This is great for most readers who want the main points.  Available as a 248 page paperback in 6x9 inch format as well as an e-book.

  2. The Expanded Scholars’ Edition contains extensive notes and appendices.  This is great for scholars and researchers who are interested in the detailed sources available in the book.  Available as a 620 page hardcover in 8x10 format as well as an e-book.