• The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ (Hardcover)

The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ (Hardcover)

The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ

By Joseph W. Bergeron, M.D. with a foreword by Dr. Gary Habermas

Hardcover: 280 pages, full-color interior with over 40 images


About the Book

This ground-breaking work offers a unique apologetical argument for the validity of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Dr. Bergeron's medical expertise allows him to examine the  medical aspects of Jesus’ death and as well as the "hallucination hypothesis" which attempts to discount Jesus' resurrection.

This book covers the following areas:

- Jesus identified himself as the Son of God, meaning in his culture that he was God, and the Messiah of Hebrew prophetic literature. 

- Evidence is explored as to why the Gospels can be trusted as reliable eyewitness testimony. 

- A review of the social and political context provides insight into the events leading to Jesus’ execution.  

- Roman crucifixion practices are described in detail. Jesus’ cause of death was crucifixion.  

- The physiological mechanism that ultimately caused Jesus to die has been the subject of controversy. This book provides medical commentary on the biblical descriptions of Jesus’ torture and an analysis of differing opinions on the physiologic mechanism of his death. 

- This is the first book to provide a medical analysis of hallucination hypotheses for the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ resurrection.  Hallucination hypotheses are unable to explain away the biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. 



“In the many years that I have been involved in criminal trials, I’ve interviewed and relied on expert witnesses to interpret evidence for a jury. These experts meticulously examined the known facts in our cases and helped our juries draw the proper inferences from the evidence. Joseph Bergeron, relying on his medical knowledge as a doctor, is an important expert witness who can help us interpret the evidence related to (1) Jesus’ death on the cross and (2) the claim that his disciples merely hallucinated the resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Bergeron’s book, The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ, provides readers with the expert testimony they’ll need to make a decision about the Resurrection and place their trust in Jesus Christ.”

- J. Warner Wallace – Dateline featured Cold-Case Detective, Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Biola, and Author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith


“… Dr. Bergeron delves chiefly into circumstances pertaining to the end of Jesus’ life, bringing his medical interests and expertise to bear on dozens of separate details… Altogether, Bergeron has presented a vast number of scholarly theses for consideration, making this a highly intriguing investigation.”

- Dr. Gary Habermas (from the Foreword)


“A fascinating description of a phenomenal event that is supported by historical records and forensic medical evidence. Dr. Bergeron effortlessly guides the reader through a time in history that allows one to understand how the crucifixion of Christ was a reality that can be explained by the data that has been collected in modern times.”

- Dr. T. Vivian Ishimaru-Tseng, M.D., board-certified psychiatrist


About the Author

Joseph W. Bergeron, M.D. has been a practicing physician for over 25 years.  He has authored peer-reviewed journal articles on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  His particular area of interest is in the medical aspects of Christ’s death and the disciples’ belief in his resurrection.  He also volunteers with Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance.

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